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tv   [untitled]    January 22, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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assessment with each branch of our ymca. we will be reporting and getting those findings together in march and april. we will be glad to invite you to come to our breakout sessions, where we will present our findings. the market hayward park, besides doing the programs nicole has mentioned, will do a summer carnival, which we hosted for the last three years at margaret hayward park. we have games, free barbecue, activities for kids throughout the day. last summer, we had over 700 kids from not just the western addition, but throughout the city, participate. we also do a holiday dinner for families in the western addition. this last holiday, we served 100 meals to the kids and families of the western addition. we truly do work with the community to provide services we
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need in the margaret hayward park. >> i am executive director of the girls 2000 agency, doing business at the hunters point family. we serve both girls and boys. i spoke at the last committee meeting about services we provide. instead of presenting more to you, i would like young people to be able to talk about the services we offer. my sons are part of gilman recconnect. without this program, i do not know what my kids would be doing right now. i will give you a prime example.
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july the offered for me and my kids to come down and hang out for the day, just to get rid of stress. it was to stay away from all the problems of was going through that day. when we got back, the provided all the resources -- they provided all the resources. this is a place for me to get away to. i appreciate it. i do not know what we would do without gilman recconnect. >> my name is nathan. i go to gilman recconnect.
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we learn new things. >> i'm on the council. brian this program, i learned to swim, not to be afraid of animals, play basketball, and i even learned to cook -- in this program. with these schools, i have learned that i can do anything. >> thank you. >> i with the mission ymca, excelsior clubhouse. very informative presentation. >> try following that. >> my goodness. i will say that i will reiterate what has already been said. we definitely do value community
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feedback. that is really what keeps us relevant within our communities. not only conducting or being part of the community assessment that facilitates within our community, but also taking it to the next level and conducting focus groups on a consistent basis, surveys, just to emphasize how important it is to get feedback from our community to stay relevant with what we do. we not only take it to that extent, but we also provide a community advisory committee where individuals from the community can come and really gather and not only identify some of those concerns and needs, but also come up with some solutions and how we can work together. definitely with the generosity, we have been able to provide the services, and the fact that we have a location once again to do this, more than anything, is the needs the community has. on top of the generosity of
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ddcyf and the funding, we are always seeking out additional funding. it is our responsibility to continue to seek out those funds, getting letters of support from neighborhoods -- neighborhood associations, things of that nature. more than anything, not duplicating resources or programs that are offered in the community but vote -- finding those programmatic gaps within the community services that are provided to make sure that we really fulfilled the need that is currently president and continues to increase in our community, thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak on the work that we do at excelsior clubhouse. >> thank you. >> and the deputy director at the sunset neighborhood center. we operate the west sunset recconnect said. be considers are built on a
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similar promise. public/private partnership. we have been in the sunset district for years, so recconnect is a natural fit. we have seen this program as an opportunity to do exactly what the begins due, which is take an underutilized space and maximize it to it's full potential, understanding that the department is in the position that it is in, we are coming in simply to enhance and provide additional service to the community. we also partner with other entities to do that. we have our daily after-school programs. also, all the fun and exciting evening class is we have, but we also work with other city departments like san francisco public library to provide story time, particularly during this transition when we have libraries in our community that are close, and there is a real lack of communities -- community
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space to have these educational activities. i have also partnered with other program providers like tree frog trap, which likes to provide additional activity. i do not feel like i have a lot to add. we are really excited about this opportunity to serve you in a community-based setting. there are very few free services, particularly the sunset district because as you know, there are tens of thousands of families. we are happy to serve them. >> thank you very much. >> a little bit more about the permits that we would like to issue. the primary funding is through dcyf.
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the current funding is through june 30, 2013. over the past several months, while we have work to or read at a mutually acceptable agreement, they have made good faith monthly payments at our agreed upon rent of $1,600 a month. this monthly amount will remain $1,600 per month going forward through the rest of the time. the attached proposal vocable firm that includes standard city insurance and indemnification provisions. and the requirement to receive written permission from the department prior to any and all improvements or alterations. the city will continue to be responsible for structural and utility work, but the cbo's will be irresponsible for daily janitorial duties. we will receive $76,800 annually that again is from the four
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permits for $1,600 a month, and over the course of three years, we will receive $23,340. we have received department to support from the cbo's as well as the families and children that they serve. that is it. >> thank you very much. >> you are welcome. >> i'm going to ask the chair of the operations committee to weigh in on this. >> in committee, we were generally supportive of this, and we still are, but there were a few items we felt needed to be fleshed out a bit with some members of the community. there were several members of the excelsior community who had expressed various issues. some of those issues i think we are all finding is that we are still struggling with this notion of leasing out our clubhouses, and i think we will all probably agree it is not the ideal situation for us, but as we are really trying to
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communicate to the community, it is our only way to insure that some of these clubhouses do not get shut, so i think some people feel like we are just abandoning our program in favor of recconnect, and that is not the case, although we are certainly working nicely certainlydcyf -- nicely with dcyf as a result. tom has kindly written those entities agreements. some of them had to do with making sure that the community had open houses -- open opportunities to communicate with the cbo's to make sure they had an opportunity for communication. a lot of it was about hours. can the use the bathroom, and
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the facility? long way of saying i think we are in a good place, and i see an e-mail, thank you from our commission secretary from one of the people who showed up last week saying that they just this week met with the ymca director of the excelsior, and they feel good about some of the communications going on. so it was a very good process. i encourage your support. >> thank you, commissioner. commissioner lee. commissioner lee: i had a question regarding the selection process. i understood the clubhouse was going to wasrfp -- undergo rfp process where you would allow the community to come in and did with their particular program and so forth. how did you arrive at the current process that you have, and how were these four selected, and then, i have a question with west sunset in
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particular, but go ahead. >> i'm going to take that one because it requires a little bit of historical context. these sites have been in these locations since 2006, and i think some of the discussions we have been having over the past fiscal year are for clubhouses that we can no longer staff because of layoffs and budget reductions over the last two years. these are existing tenants, and it is a good opportunity to understand some of the community partners we have in our clubhouses, but these are existing tenants funded through dcyf and they have been through a rather informal memorandum of understanding. at the suggestion of our own staff who wanted some clarity that this was a relationship that is also the dishy ali the
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appropriate thing to do, we are just converting the informal memorandum of understanding into a more structured vises. >> i get that, but even with existing tenants, we did issue rfp's. what would happen -- when this lease ends, are you going to issue a rfp for this site so that other people in the community or other groups, other non-profit groups can have an opportunity? >> dcyf runs its own process for selecting its nonprofit partners, and maybe they can talk about this. this is a relationship with dcyf as much as it is with existing tenants, so this is an intergovernmental agency. they go through a thorough vetting process and competitive selection process. they have selection criteria, and they have an advisory board, and they actually recommend the nonprofit partners. one of the directors can tell you a little bit more about
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that. >> we went through a very extensive competitive solicitation process last fiscal year in which over 625 people, agencies submitted applications to us, totaling over $71 million in requests. at that time, we only had $20 million of available funds. within that rfp, we made selections of these four agencies to run the programs that would be housed in the sites identified through the two departments. >> so there were other bidders for these sites. these four existing tenants were the winners of the process, the selection process that you put forward? >> the opportunities for other providers to bid to provide services on the sites were available to them. >> and the selected these four through your selection process? >> yes. >> great.
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>> i guess, to understand it, our agreement is with dcyf. we are essentially turning these locations over to them, and they will then be in charge of the selection process moving forward? i'm looking past the two and a half years for this agreement. >> this is a partnership, is fair to say, with dcyf and the non-profit organizations. but we are officially the landlord, and i think that the non-profit organizations are officially the tenants. the tenants were selected and are funded by dcyf through their process. >> so then, my question is, with regard to protocol with recreation and parks staff, you have a nonprofit tenants, and in cases of -- where there is some
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safety issue or some kind of emergency broke -- what kind of emergency protocols do you have in place for the staff to inform recreation and park staff and so forth of any kind of emergency situation or capital issue that needs to be repaired immediately? how does this work? >> i think there is two parts. we do very comprehensive and intensive monitoring and compliance and fiscal monitoring of all of our programs. we fund over 450 different programs throughout the city. >> i mean specifically on site. given day to day on site, in some issue were to occur, some emergency situation were to occur, does staff get notified?
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how does that work? beyond the tenant/landlord relationship? >> it would be the same protocol we have got what all of our tenants on all of our properties from clubhouse to candlestick park. when it is our responsibility, the 10 and knows exactly who to call to address the issue, whether it is structural maintenance. they generally start with the property manager, who will identify the right person, but it is the same prescribed for the call we have for our many tenants. >> ok, great. thank you. commissioner buell: thank you. >> we do have a public comment. >> good afternoon. i could not help but feel lots
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of enthusiasm when i was listening to all the things that the partnership's director was talking about. i thought it was just wonderful that they have all these things available for kids. we should have all these recreation and parks activities for our young people and set parcelling and piecing out all these activities that we have more responsibility on matters of security that come up. i was looking at are the people under the different ymca organization is going to be fingerprinted? in san francisco county, volunteers have to be fingerprinted. that is a process that they have. whether not have prior military and their fingerprints are on file and fbi. the security issue on one part
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where you have to have security on those in charge of our kids and community, that we do not have no off the wall of the action that happens with the other person would have been a known felon. that is putting it lightly. that is the security part. the other part having to do with the facilities, i talk to a few people, and some have already taken some other occupation. would have been there for a long time, but they are going to be going. our recreation and park apartments working, are we going to look after them through this commission? that is one part i wanted to really get across. i noticed that commissioner
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levitan touched upon it a little bit. i look at the security, and i looked at maintenance. there is going to be hundreds of kids at small facilities that is going to splash a lot of water, use a lot of paper towels, and it is going to be a big mess, and they might police the area when they finish, but it will still have a maintenance costs. that was not included in the fiduciaries. i'm not sure i heard correctly. i was trying to attentively listened. but anyway, thank you. i am still in support of this issue. >> good afternoon, commissioners. good to see you again. i am our recreation and park chapter vice president. three years ago, we were here
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with this question, and with these decisions that need to be made, and it was not a light decision to have to do this because this program was put in to actually be a good thing, to go and make sure kids have things to do when our department faced some extremely tough choices. and we have choices again. i hear the words "partnership." partnerships are good things. what i want to talk to you about is we have another partner out there with you, and that is my fellow co-workers -seiu 1021. we hope we can be at the table with you to enhance it even more. we acknowledge that we worked under a model that may be was not the most efficient. we made -- or i should say you made some tough choices last year. we also worked together with the gm to make those choices, and we have positioned ourselves for a very good rebound now and a
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unique opportunity and the fact that our workers have a lot of institutional knowledge. we worked with some of these buildings previously. we feel that we can offer you quite a bit with our services and under our new model to make this go even better, and we hope that you would engage us in these choices and these decisions to take not only rpd and dcyf but seiu as well to bring some of our people back because we sent a lot of our people away last year, and this could be an opportunity for us to bring many of our workers back, engaged in these places because these were a lot of places not only that we worked, but we lived in these neighborhoods. so as you make these choices, in terms of funding, collaboration, and recreation,
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we all want to see good quality recreation. we hope that you will be there with us and invite us to the table to go forward in this process with you. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners. it is my understanding that staff has repeatedly asked to regain control of our city- funded, taxpayer-owned recreation and park facilities, and we are not asking for you to consider the use for need to reconnect at recreation and park and to allow the professional and skilled recreation staff to run the committee recreation programs for everyone in the sunset district. thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i forgot to ask the west sunset representative -- that area that you serve has a large immigrant population, and i was wondering what kind of bilingual work did you do that could service the immigrant first-generation youth population there. >> that is a great and really important question. i would like to introduce ryan mccarthy, the program director at that site. i know it does not look like it, but he speaks mandarin. [laughter] so, you know, that helps, but also, we have done a lot of work to engage the local immigrant communities. as you say, that is a huge proportion of the families that we serve across all of our programs. we have other stuff that's historic we have been bilingual.
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we no longer have you currently because of a lack of funding, but we had computer glasses in cantonese for adults. we also conducted our community advisory council meetings in the past by a length lead. having a parent there to translate for other parents, and she has been working with us to do so. we do a lot of surveys, outreach, and daily communication. ryan being on-site assists with that direct interaction. i do not know if there is a specific program he would like to hear more about, but one example also is we have -- we are not funded to serve use under 5 currently, but in the morning, we partner with the sunset family resource collaborative, the early literacy activities that they do through jump-start are conducted by illegally to really help those early learners, and they are often monolingual care
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givers. >> the got a call about the disabled children of chinese families, to see if you have any programs for disabled youth and so forth. it is an area that perhaps you may want to look into. there is a very large community there in the sunset. i think being bilingual, having bilingual programs, culturally sensitive programs is really a must in that neighborhood. >> most definitely. i would like to offer that we have had disabled youth participate in our programs and to the wider array that we offer. we do not offer just fields for recreation or just academic support. we have a wide range. we try as much as possible to accommodate, and we are always open to suggestion. >> i must take a tour of your facility. >> we would love that.
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that would be great. thank you. commissioner buell: thank you. that concludes public comment, so let's leave it to the hands of the commission. any other comments? seeing none, entertain a motion. moved and seconded. all those in favor? hearing no opposition, it is unanimous. thank you. >> we are now on item 11, part white bike rental contracts. >> i want to thank the people who came back to testify on the last item. -- parkwide bike rental contracts. >> good afternoon, again, commissioners. i would like to present to you park wide activities contract to
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recommend that the board of supervisors approved a lease part wide. the commission approves the publication and distribution andan rfp package on august 20, 2009. require response to operate a bike rental concession in golden gate park at marina green and to propose other parks in which they would propose to offer this amendment. on may 6, 27, the commission approved the selection of parkwide activities. as part of their submission that was approved, the proposed operating in golden gate park, marina green, justin herman plaza, and union square plaza. the terms of the lease are the following -- it is a five-year lease beginning on february 1 and expiring on january 31, 2016. there will be one to three years' extension, commencing on february 1, 2016 and expiring on january 31, 2019.
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the minimum annual rent is $127,400 with an annual increase of 5%. unless and local receipts to the following -- i'm sorry, the% of interest is less than $1.5 million, they will pay 13.5% of gross receipts. greater than $1.5 million but less than $2 million, they will pay 50% of gross receipts, and they are equal or greater to $2 million, they will be 17% of gross receipts versus base rent. storage containers in kiosks shall be approved by the general manager, and any additional five locations will be brought back to this commission for approval. in all locations, staff and parkwide have coordinated with local stakeholders to address local stakeholders to address individual logistic issues at


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